With shades of Americana, Buckley captures the essence of introspection, whilst enchanting anyone who listens to her sensational storytelling.”

Wonderland Magazine

Buckley doesn't surpress her stunning accent, using the sing-songy-ness of the Rebel county's tone to her advantage. Stunning instrumentalism adds to Buckley's beautiful musicality, with fresh, clearly thought out and well developed lyrics layering to create a unique piece of work”


Beautiful lyricism, unique vocals and a great storyteller”

BBC ATL Introducing

Background and Influences

Sarah Buckley is an emerging alt-folk artist from Cork, Ireland. A unique and intriguing songwriter, she gained immediate attention with the release of her debut single 'You’ve Got Me' (1.3 millions radio impressions) and built on this success with her debut EP 'Magic Powers' in Feb 2023, produced by Karl Odlum (David Kitt, Gemma Hayes) and her sophomore EP ‘Wind Chimes’ released in Oct 2023. 

Inspired by the world class lyricism of Alex Turner, the introspective songwriting of Matt Berninger and the uncompromising authenticity of Julia Jacklin – Sarah manages to avoid the trap of imitating her heroes; instead channels their influence into something rare and immediately compelling. 

Her story is not the oft-told tale of the 5 year old with a hairbrush for a mic and a lifelong dream. Music came later in Sarah’s life, and that subtle difference stands her apart from many of her fellow artists. This is an adventure undertaken by a woman who found her voice in life first, before bringing it to song. 

With each of Sarah’s releases she continues to develop and expand on her musical expression, steadily growing as an artist to keep an eye on for the growing alt-folk scene.